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Holida Neighborhood Association Quarterly Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 3

(Bob Merrill, Editor, Holida Neighborhood Association President and Crime Watch Coordinator)

This is our quarterly newsletter. Every quarter, we print this newsletter up to give to you, our residents of the Holida Neighborhood Association.


We try to put in helpful information about on-going activities in the community, guest speakers from various venues ( IMPD, City-County Councilor, Angie’s List, etc) neighborhood clean-up projects, Crime Watch and “Did you know” segments. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful. If you have any ideas or points of interest you would like to see in the newsletter, please. send them to Bob Merrill at: questions@holidaneighbor.com



Leaf Collection: Want to give your leaves new life? (November 5 – 30)
• Place leaves in plastic or paper bags (Up to 30 bags per household, per week)
• Place leaf bags out by 7am on your regular trash day
• Clearly identify and separate bags of leaves from regular trash (Place them on opposite sides of the driveway)


Free compost during spring: Because leaves can be recycled into a useful end product, DPW composts them and makes them available to the public free of charge. Free compost is available, in the spring, while supplies last at Southside Landfill, 2577 S. Kentucky Ave.

Did you know? The area of which you live in is called “Holida Civic league, Inc”, a Neighborhood Association. Its boundaries are as follows: North: 79th St, East: Ditch Rd, West: Harcourt Rd-74th Place-Dorothy Drive, South: Shawnee Rd. We are trying to get our neighborhood community revitalized, build friendships, build community involvement, protect our property and to keep the value of our property up, keep our neighborhoods safe and beautiful. And how do we do this? Through the “Community Building Process”. And what is the “Community Building Process” you may ask? It is as follows:

  • Bringing people together
  • Valuing their diversity
  • Engaging them in finding common values
  • Envisioning with them a preferred inclusive future
  • Empowering them to work together creatively for positive change
  • Celebrating their accomplishments
  • Challenging them to improve and to learn constantly

What we need to do is to get together as an association to see:

  • What attitudes, skills and practices are necessary to implement this process to our neighborhood?
  • Which ones are you proficient in or comfortable with?
  • Which ones do you desire to learn more about or practice?


So, please come and join us and share your ideas, thoughts and concerns. Plan to join us at our next scheduled “Get Acquainted Meeting, scheduled for January 8th at Abundant Harvest United Methodist Church @ 7pm. See you there!



Crooked Creek Community Council Inc. (C4) Newsletter:
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Holida Neighborhood Association, Inc. (formerly the Holida Civic League)

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