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HNA 2008 Accomplishments/Success Stories


May 2008:  Chuck Ernst, our treasurer was on a tour bus with a Mayor’s Liaison looking at some areas of our neighborhood drainage problems. Then, later that same day, my wife & I attended a meeting with the Mayor & several other city officials and discussed drainage issues and various other topics.


June 2008:  Helped a family in our neighborhood association (Bubble Boy) who had a lot of expenses because of their son needing special care by collecting $425 for the family.


July 2008:  Have been working with an individual from DPW (Department of Public Works) and have managed to have some of the storm drains (approximately 50) in our association cleaned or repaired. Once all of them completed, I will give him another list and so on and son until every storm drain has been cleaned or repaired.


August 2008:  Neighborhood Trash Cleanup Day, with a volunteer group from the Holida Civic League along with a group from Abundant Harvest United Methodist Church (there was approximately 20 of us individuals combined), we clean an area on Harcourt Rd & Ditch Rd and a widow ladies house with the overgrowth in her yard.


September 2008:  Worked with Angela Mansfield (Our City County Councilwoman) and Catherine Moore (Mayor’s Liaison) about getting Harcourt Rd paved from Westlane Rd up to 79th St. Received word that it will be paved the end of May or June of 2009.


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